This class has been great! I have been with Sangeetha Sarani for more than two years now, and I am very satisfied with all of my classes. They are prompt, good at teaching, easy to understand, and you learn a lot! Overall, I'd have to say that they have done a great job and have really helped my musical ability.

Manoj Panikkar

I've been learning carnatic music with sangeetha sarani for the past 6 months-and its been quite an experience so far- The instructor, is very flexible,and adapts his teaching style keepin the needs of a beginner in mind.

Srinivasan, Consultant, Hongkong

The instructor here is innovative in his teaching methods, and is himself one of the finest singers I have heard. I am an engineer by profession, close to retirement. This Guru has adapted his teaching techniques to my needs / learning speed / time availablity. He also constantly encourages me - whenever I falter, he says "You can do it". He is a great find for me

K. Subramanian

Namaste!!! I started learning carnatic music from Sangeeta Sarani Music school. It has been a wonderful journey from past one year. Great way of teaching with advanced techniques by using updated electronic media. It feels like music is fun to learn and more over it is accessible from every where. I am a software Engnr. Music changed my way of working in proffessional as well as personal life. Thanks to SS music school for this opportunity

vamshi Krishna,Engnr, USA

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